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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 5, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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kathleen, we have been hearing that the polls don't tell the story. there is quite a bit of confidence from the right this morning. can tom barrett really pull this off? >> absolutely. you know, this movement of people that have driven this recall from the beginning want to have this day come. when i voted early this morning, we were already at presidential level turnout. people will have their decision today. >> we talk about presidential level turnout. brian, the president decided not to go to wisconsin. instead tweeted a remark about this yesterday. i want that tweet for everybody. the president said it's election day in wisconsin tomorrow. i'm standing by tom barrett. he would make an outstanding governor. the rnc chairman pounced on that. he would not campaign with him or step foot in wisconsin. it is not national, but what is going on in wisconsin.
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are republicans trying to keep the governor in the statehouse and holding the president's feet to the fire? >> well, the governor has said this whole race is about whether the state will move forward or move backward. it was interesting the other day that the president flew over wisconsin twice. we have 25 offices across the state. thousands of people pounding on doors. we have seen excitement on our side that we haven't seen in years and frankly the democrats helped provide it to us by going on with the recall. >> was mitt romney there to campaign? >> he actually wasn't here to campaign. he was campaigning for himself. our case has been so strong. we don't need anyone else to campaign.
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the democrats have been behind in the polls. it is a close race. they needed other people to campaign for tom barrett. that really hasn't happened. i know you will have to ask the democratic national committee about that. >> i know what the rnc chairman preibus talked about that. president clinton came. >> president clinton came and we were so happy to have him. this is about every day people in wisconsin that started the movement and finish it today. you know, governor walker was not honest with voters from the very beginning. he is the only governor in the nation to have hired criminal defense attorneys. that is not a standard in wisconsin that is acceptable. the corruption and scandals that surrounded him and his aides when he was a county executive.
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we want better in wisconsin. >> actively, he is the only governor in the country with a criminal defense fund going, too, correct? >> that is correct. he will not say who is funding it. who will he owe for that? >> as hard as the democrats try to make that an issue, scott walker has cooperated the whole time with this investigation. look, the democrats failed on making collective bargaining an issue. they failed on making a state budget an issue. they failed on the phony war on women an issue. now they failed on making jobs an issue because we created 35,000 jobs in the state in the last year and a half after losing 150,000 under governor doyle and the democrats. we are happy to talk about the real issues. >> that's why there is a recall today. >> the big issue is tonight. >> brian just summarized. >> go ahead. >> you know, brian has
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summarized that long list of values for why governor walker is not on our side in wisconsin. if our listeners are out there, give them an e-mail and remind people to vote. this is the day we take back our values. >> that i agree with. >> we shall see how it falls. kathleen and brian, thank you for your time. i want to talk about the politics of the recall and 2012 and the race itself with our power panel this morning. democratic strategist chris and former rnc chairman michael steele. i know all three of you listening. michael, i want to start with you. if scott walker wins, does the dream come true? >> i got my popcorn on this one. this will be down to the moment tonight. this is really, you know, for guys like me and, you know my buddy, mr. cofinias, who get into the heart of politics, this
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is it. this is where big personalities emerge although they are not flamboyant and flashy, but scott walker symbolizes what the tea party movement was about from the beginning. core leadership that stands for core issues and willing to fight the good fight. as a member of the democrat party mentioned, it is important to the people at the local level. that is what this boils down to. it is all that energy that is exciting. >> as you hear michael talk about the big personalities out of this race, does a scott walker victory sound the alarm bells for public unions all over and how much can that hurt democrats in the fund raising in the long term? >> speaking of big personalities, if there is one thing that walker has done well, he has mobilized labor unlike
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anything we have seen. in that sense, i don't necessarily see the wider implications. what you saw in terms of the blow back -- the fact you are having a recall and the fact they had to spend tens of millions of dollars to defend he is the governor. because of the anger and frustration that families from wisconsin have. i'm not sure the governors will try to replicate that. if they do, they will face not necessarily the most welcome circumstances. in terms of wider implications and the presidential race? i heard people say it has implications. i don't necessarily buy it. i think this is an isolated issue and case. this has a positive or negative effect. >> let's talk about that. as we heard from brian schimming, the republicans have not been campaigning with scott walker. he was in the primaries campaigning for himself. president obama not stepping foot in wisconsin.
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both not putting a political bet on this other than the president putting out that tweet yesterday. both sides believe wisconsin is in play for them. >> they do. so much has been made about president obama not campaigning in wisconsin for the recall election. remember mitt romney has not been there as you said. he is campaigning in ft. worth, texas. that is a red state. he is not sticking his neck out on the line either. that is important because we talk about how wisconsin could be in play this fall in the general election. it has been close in the past. it was not at all close in 2008. president obama won it in double digits. it was close in 2000 and 2004. republicans think they may have a path to victory. we are seeing that in the recall election. we don't know how that will play out and the presidential race will start to organize in
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wisconsin. >> talking about where mitt romney is today. a big fund raising push in new york city with president bill clinton by his side. >> his opponent, who says that he has a better idea, was a governor of the state that was 47th in the country in job growth. the romney republican plan is austerity and more unemployment now and blow the lid off later. his plan is to go back to the bush program. except on steroids. >> can president obama, chris, take a page from the former president's page or convince clinton to stay with him on the campaign trail? >> there is a reason why clinton is the master at this. he is able to get to the heart of communicating the way that doesn't matter what part of the
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ideological spectrum may be. you understand. he hit on something that is critical. the obama folks have been doing this. he hit on the point. when you scratch past the rhetoric, what you find in governor romney are the same policies that failed before. there is nothing new. there is nothing original. there is nothing creative. there is nothing. that is a big problem for governor romney in the fall. >> michael, as we get closer to the fall, is more president clinton a good thing or the bad thing for the current commander in chief? >> it is a good thing. you have to learn from the guy who does it better than anybody. cya in business. he gave him some cover and room and figure out how to manipulate how to move forward with the bain argument that has fallen flat across the country.
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there are lessons to be learned. i disagree with chris. governor romney has the path to make the case that the economy has not been given the kind of juice it needs to move forward. that is really where the battle lines have been drawn. wisconsin will have little to do with what happens in november. right now, it makes for good political theater and sets up an argument that both candidates can play off down the road. >> as we look at apples to apples, who gets out on the campaign trail like this? >> i don't want mitt romney to campaign with president bush. the campaign is largely running against the last administration. they don't want to be connected with him. president clinton has been very helpful to president obama. he is sending coded language in his interviews talking about
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romney with a sterling business career. that is a message saying to the obama campaign, these bain attacks aren't working. he said before the obama campaign needs to go after romney as an extreme conservative. bringing it back to the wisconsin recall election. the reason romney is not campaigning with governor walker is governor walker is seen as a conservative republican. romney doesn't want to be seen with a conservative republican. >> erin mcpike taking us full circle. thank you. great to see all three of you. what is next for california's prop 8? the federal appeals court is taking it up on the marriage equality ban. i'll talk with a lesbian couple fighting to be equal. and joining the queen for the final day of her jubilee. we will have spectacular scenes coming up in a live report.
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welcome back, everybody. an important decision is expected in hours for the marriage equality in california and around the country. the federal appeals court will discuss to reconsider proposition 8 unconstitutional. that ruling found prop 8 served no purpose other than to serve gays and lesbians. it would determine if the california ban would go to the supreme court. joining me now in the prop 8 suit is sandy stier and chris herring. this is a highly anticipated morning because this is a fight you have been in for years now.
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the court has several options here. if we take a look at scenario one. it would be the court grants a hearing. an 11-judge panel will hear the arguments. this would not happen until the fall. in scenario two, the court denies the hearing and the proponents have three months to file an appeal and take it to the u.s. supreme court. i know you two and another couple filed the suit. sandy, what does your gut tell you about what is going to come today in several hours? >> my gut tells me we will have great news from the court. in fact, it will be denied and it will help us more more quickly through the supreme court system and end up in the supreme court soon so we can have equality for all americans in terms of marriage equality. >> as we talk about it, chris, the lower appeal court sided with you. we remind everybody of that and the other couple in the suit. how does it feel to potentially be facing another round of
11:17 am
arguments in the case or is this truly progress? >> well, you are right. twice, federal courts struck down proposition 8. we are waiting to see if a federal court will agree with the first court that proposition 8 is unconstitutional. sandy and i said everything. it is important not to discriminate people against marriage equality. we believe the record will pr prevail. >> we talk about this on the west coast. on the east coast, we had the high-profile case on marriage. it was a boston-based court last week that found the defensive marriage act unconstitutional. sandy and kris, you are raising four boys. what does it mean for you to have these two cases basically
11:18 am
converge at the supreme court at the same time? what does it mean for you and your families? >> for us, it is a victory for us and for our family. of course, families across the country. for our family, we have been a family for many years. our boys were not yet in high school. by the time this winds through the supreme court, they will be out of high school and headed to college. we always wanted to have the kind of community and social acceptance that other families do have. it is very, very important to us to model to our children the importance of marriage for our family. as we wind through the final chapter of the case, it is something that will benefit our family. it is so important that other families benefit as well. >> kris, i want to ask the prop 8 play. how odd is it to see the prop 8 play playing out across the country now? >> well, i think dustin lance black did the right thing with
11:19 am
the throw weeks of the court record and a 90-minute play that captured the key moments of the trial. it features the words of david tettleson. it featured two couples that fell in love and wanted to get married and contribute to society. it showed the other side was really interested in discriminating and dividing us as a country and state. that is what is great about 8. everybody is see the difference and what we stand for and what they stand for. we are on the side of equality and they are not. >> we shall see how things play out. sandy and kris, i appreciate your time. >> our pleasure. >> voters would raise cigarette taxes for the first time in a decade in california. if approved, this would take effect in october and tack on another $1. the tobacco industry has spent $40 million to fight the
11:20 am
proposed hike. it would push california to above the national average. former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky back in a pennsylvania courtroom today for the start of his sex abuse trial. we will have the latest. plus, on a different note for you today, queen elizabeth celebrating 60 years in pomp and circumstance as the british do. but no prince philip. first, the 2012 olympics. is cullen jones, the second african-american to win a gold medal in swimming? he helped michael phelps earn a record-setting eight gold medals. he wants to add to that success by winning an individual gold medal in london. hey girl.
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a royal for the ages getting a rousing reception from the people of great britain. take a look. elizabeth ii flanked by her grandson and kate and prince harry and prince charles and camilla. all of this amid the good news that her husband, prince philip, absent and hospitalized, is feeling better and watching all of this on tv. it all caps a final joyous day of the diamond jubilee which featured everything from flotillas and parades and rock
11:25 am
concerts. joining me is annibel roberts. the crowds seem to eat this up. what does it is a -- does it say about the resurgence of popularity? >> reporter: she could have felt nothing but a huge surge of pride and happiness at the level of support demonstrated for her. it has been like that for the past four days. it has been an amazing celebration to mark her 60 years on the throne. there is a very, very small republican movement in the country. an organizer who told me events like this raise awareness. an event like this brings the
11:26 am
country together in a way that nothing else does. you can see that from the surge of people as they marched up the mile to buckingham palace. the four days are drawing to a close. one thing left to make a broadcast on television later this evening to the people of britain and the people of the commonwealth. that will mark the end of the four extraordinary days. >> when will prince philip be able to come home? >> reporter: everyone hopes he will come home shortly. he has been there every other day of her 60-year reign. how sad he wasn't there to be beside her in the cathedral and travel in the carriage today. he is suffering from a bladder infection. a spokesperson says it is not
11:27 am
serious. he turns 92 in a couple of days. fingers crossed he will be home soon. his son prince edward visited him half an hour ago and said his spirits are high. >> annibel roberts reporting live from london. thank you. the transit of venus. you will see venus crossing in front of the sun. you can look for it starting at 6:0 p.m. eastern. it will last for nearly seven hours, but it will not happen again for another 105 years. managing my diabetes is part of my life, between taking insulin and testing my blood sugar...
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they are voting for in the national election and the governor's election. there are totally different issues with the governor and the president. >> i know it's my civic douuty get out and vote. scott walker has done a good job. things have been controversi tr controversial. >> we have nbc's ron allen live. he joins us this morning. ron, these talk about this. the lines you have been seeing so far this morning have been out the door. what is the surge like? >> reporter: out the door and off the charts. they are talking about four times as many people here for a normal statewide election. you can see people still coming. talked to is not getting a chance to break. 7:00 this morning. i'm also here with a voter, josh
11:32 am
a alwine. he has taken time off work to vote. you support the governor? >> right. you have the classic right and left issues. particular to the election, you have the elephant in the room which is human rights. for me personally in the dploebl economy we have today, unions don't serve the same purpose as they did a couple of decades ago like osha. i'm more for allowing the free market to run its course. >> reporter: this is a polarizing issue for the state and your family. your newlywed wife supports recalling the governor? >> yes. >> reporter: how is that working out at home? >> it makes for a dicey dinner conversation. we try to stay cordial about this. >> reporter: people want this to be over so you move on.
11:33 am
that will probably help job creation as well. >> sure. it has been an almost circus-like atmosphere for some time. everybody is passionate. it is such a polarizing event. everybody will be happy once it is over. >> reporter: very few undecided voters here. we will see high turnout could pave for the democrats. it will go down to the wire. we vote in november for half the state senate. we will be back here again. the big deal is will governor walker to become the third governor to be recalled. >> we should have a tally tonight. ron allen in wisconsin for us. ron, thank you. here is a look at other stories. colorado becoming the latest to fall prey to wildfires. dozens of homes on alert.
11:34 am
one wildfire in california where the sequia national forest is on alert. the smoke spreading from the white wildlife is burning. and killing al qaeda's number two man. as of this moment, the man who escaped u.s. custody in 2005 is the most wanted on the terrorist list. if this is confirmed, this could be the biggest blow to the al qaeda since osama bin laden. a canada porn star is fighting extradition. investigators say that lu luca almada is wanted for the slaying of the university student he was dating in montreal. he filmed the attack and mailing
11:35 am
the bodies parts off. despite the legal attempts to delay it, the sexual abuse trial for former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is under way. choosing an impartial jury. given how heavily this has been covered in the press and the region's strong ties to penn state, some say that task is near impossible. we have michael isikoff. michael, give us the challenges as they pick this panel. >> reporter: right, tom. probably just a recognition of reality that the jury pool here in center county has been saturated with publicity about the case for months on month. they are trying to find a jury
11:36 am
that was not exposed to it and would, in fact, be impossible. the judge cleland has made some rulings and gave a lecture to the jury pool. i will trust you not to read the papers. you will know more than anybody else about the evidence in the case. i'll turn it over to you. you will not have to be sequestered. he does seem to be racing through jury selections that seem to be going much more quickly than a lot of people anticipated. we're now on to phase three of voir dere about the backgrounds and what the jury knows about this. we could have a jury more quickly than people anticipated. >> michael, what do you mean in a time frame? how quickly? >> reporter: well, look, the opening statements in the case
11:37 am
are due to start next monday. there was question about whether we would get a jury by that time. at the pace it's going right now, we could have a jury in the next day or two. nothing's for sure yet. judge cleland made it very clear, he wants to keep the case on schedule and move it forward. he seems to be doing that this morning. >> that is pretty fast. nbc news correspondent michael isikoff, thank you. what you probably don't know about the governor and running mate. it is all out in a new book. we will talk about that. from amercia to another bad spelling? we will take a peek if i can speak. instead i g ot heaburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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according to a new study, people who like organic foods may have more judgmental attitudes. the photos of the participants were shown organic and non organic foods. then asked how much they would offer strangers help. they offered the least amount of help. governor chris christie is on the short list for mitt romney. how much do you know about governor christie? that is the subject of the book, "chris christie, his inside rise to power." joining me today is michael simons and bob engel. >> hi. >> bob, i want to start with you. christie knew he wanted to have a job in politics and a conversation he had with a
11:42 am
second grade teacher. that is how far back it goes. what was that conversation? >> he was seven when most kids wanted to be firemen or spiderman. he was by the flag pole. the teacher went out to find out what was going on. he said when i grow up, i'm going to be president. that was seven. when he was 10, he said he wanted a law book. >> he goes back to being a toddler and above. christie is known now as an adult for this blunt political style. he shoots from the hip, really speaks his mind. it doesn't seem to hurt him politically. he talks about this because this is how he grew up. he claims this is the family style that he was raised in. >> right. they would talk everything out. they did not hold back if they had an argument. it wasn't a sign of weakness.
11:43 am
it was a sign of love. he does that now. he says what he thinks. it works for him. he is not faking it when he does all that. it is not the entire story. it would not work for another political figure. it is part of who he is. it probably works in new jersey. perhaps one day we'll know. >> when we talk about the headlines the governor has made, bob, earlier this year, some people thought he had fallen asleep at a bruce springsteen concert here in new york. he spoke at the press conference. take a listen. >> this shows you the level of intrusiveness into my life. some joker taking pictures of me at madison square garden. at anytime during the show, did i fall asleep? >> absolutely not. >> he addressed questions. he is a springsteen aficinado.
11:44 am
>> i was sitting next to him. he was put on. the governor is always good for a joke. he wanted to make the record really clear. he would never, ever, ever go to sleep at a springsteen concert. he was just resting his eyes, as he said. >> he is a busy guy. >> he is entitled. he said the song he was going was the one that would lead you into doing that. >> mellow. >> introspective. >> okay. he was meditating over that song. >> meditating. >> michael, when people first came to governor christie about being governor, he was not too interested in it. kind of the same thing about being president now. is that part of his political style? >> in his early political career, he would seek offices nobody wanted him to seek. he ran for a state senate seat that had a republican incumbent.
11:45 am
he ran against a republican opponent. he was too ambitious and the republicans were happy to end his political career early on. once it sort of got resuscitated with the u.s. attorney, then people asked him to run for governor. he was reluctant to do it. he had a job he liked. they wanted him to run in '05. >> this is a really interesting read. a fascinating look pulling the veil back on governor christie. he doesn't hold back a lot. he shoots from the hip. it is fascinating he wanted to be in politics since he was a young man at seven years old. mike and bob, thank you. >> thanks a lot. abc is easy as 123 or maybe not.
11:46 am
mitt romney's campaign is getting flack for making a third spelling error in less than a week. last night his facebook page referring people to the o'fickle page. it was taken down minutes later. and "want a snaeak-peak" of our ad? it is not just happening in washington d.c., but happening across the country. american voters are more divided than ever when it comes to their political beliefs. the red and blue divide grew in george bush's presidency. now it is at a 20-year high. and the steel horse is not a tour bus, but it is air force
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this afternoon the senate will vote on the paycheck fairness act proposed by democrats and backed by the white house. now, the bill pushes for equal pay in the workplace. and we heard from democratic women on the senate floor this morning. take a look. >> when i go out and talk to my
11:51 am
constituents, they say to me, they're mad as hell, they don't want to take it any more. if they go to school, they get the job, they do the job, they want to be paid for the job, and we agree with them. >> over a lifetime of discrimination that so many women face, it's not like here where you're a senator, you're a senator, you're a senator, woman, man. out there it's different. >> republicans are pushing back on this legislation saying it puts unnecessary burdens on small business owners. you know, this issue also puts the spotlight on those who are going without paychecks, specifically, thousands of unemployed americans. many of them skilled and qualified individuals who are still trying to find work, and with unemployment at a stubborn 8.2%, we want to know what corporate america is doing to help get people back to work. joining me now is the author of "why good people can't get jobs,
11:52 am
the skills gap and what companies can do about it." we talk about that dispointing jobs number that came out, giving anxiety to people who are already stressed out. but "the new york times" went on ab editorial to talk about the class of 2012 and the struggles that it faces coming in to this job market. some of them being the fact that they'll face reduced salaries, lower level positions. for high school grads, it's even grimmer. what are corporations willing to do? they're sitting on treasure troves of cash, but not hiring. >> yeah, i think that's a problem. and i think the particular problem that concerned me was the complaint of employers that they couldn't find people that they wanted to hire, that they were leaving the positions vacant because they couldn't find people to fill them. and it seems to me that's a mistake, but it's such widespread view that it's troubling, particularly for public policy. >> does that really bunk, though, with so many people, skilled people that are really out of jobs right now and the
11:53 am
fact that these large corporations have maybe found out through time and the fact that they had to cut back that they're doing more with less and they can sit on this cash and not put it back in the marketplace? >> some of the sur vase shveys t half tem employers in the u.s. say they're having trouble finding what they want in the market. that does suggest some problems. some of that is a self-diagnosis of the problem. in some cases because they're not expecting enough, and in some cases they're expecting the nobel prize winner to show up and largely because they don't want to train anybody. >> what do you think that worker in this country should have, what they can do to attract that job or get people that they say they're not finding the right people, to get their attention. >> the problem begins with the employers. and that is recognizing that it's not cost effective to leave positions vacant for long periods of time while you search for the perfect candidate. so i think for the individuals who want those jobs, they have to persuade the employer that they can learn fast, that it
11:54 am
won't take very much time to get up to speed, that they atlantic learn whatever they need to learn on their own before they show up at the job and it makes sense to hire them. >> i think for a lot of kids that are coming out of this class of 20 12r12, you need to realize that you need to get your foot in the door and kick it open and take it from there. >> i have an unemployed son, so i'll remind him of this when i get home. >> if you want to read peter's book, "why good people can't get jobs," it is available now. that will wrap things up for me. thank you for your time. see you back here tomorrow. 11:00 a.m. eastern time. i'll talk to beau biden, the son of the vice president, as well as "kill or capture" author daniel klaidman. he'll touch on the juicy tidbit in his book. hello, thomas. it is recall day in wisconsin, but could it turn into recount
11:55 am
day? ed schultz joins us to analyze the implications of the big day in the badger state. and might it be a party of one for mitt romney? should he, can he, distance himself from the gop? plus a new book details the president's secret war. author david sanger is here to discuss "the obama doctrine." all that and senator barbara mikulski on pushing for fair pay in a divided congress. go, ameri, i see your cup of joe goes with you. how nice of joe to, how you say, have your back. try something different. a delicious gevalia kaffe, or as i like to say, a cup of johan. will johan power walk the mall with you? i don't think so. but he will spend time rubbing your feet, discussing your feelings. ♪ joe may have your back, but johan has your feet. gevalia. meet me in the coffee aisle. who love movies. let me show you something new. come on. walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital.
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concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. beyond the politics in the badger state, will the effort to recall wisconsin governor scott walker have lasting implications for organized labor? beyond the politics of organized labor, will the effort to scale back union power have lasting implications for the middle class? it's tuesday, june 5th and this is "now." joining me today, former
11:59 am
executive director of the republican governors association, phil musser, and msnbc contributor jonathan caphart and msnbc steve cornaky. they're deciding whether to give the boot to governor scott walker, the heated and closely watched recall race is likely to be a nail-biter to the end with speculation the recall could turn into a recount. both republicans and democrats believe the outcome will have major implications on the presidential race, but what's often overlooked is what it could mean for the labor movement and the survival of the middle class. msnbc's ed schultz joins us now from madison, wisconsin. ed, a privilege and a pleasure to see you. how are you? >> great to be with you, alex, i appreciate it. thank you. >> you've been covering this saga, i think we'll call it, for a while now. an i


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